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Welcome to 3D Scanners

3D Scanners (a division of 3D Prototyping Pty Ltd) is proudly the exclusive Australian distributor for 3D Scanning the Shining 3D Scanner series of products for advanced 3D scanning. The Shining 3D scanner system adopt rapid scanning techniques and work with non-contact, blue light technology. Key features include automatic registration, high 3D resolution efficiency, high precision, high machine life and high resolution, which is suitable for reverse engineering and inspection of complicated free-form curved surfaces.

The Shining 3D Scanner applies product development design (RD, such as rapid prototyping, 3D digitizing, 3D design, 3D scanning, etc.), reverse engineering (RE, such as reverse scanning, reverse design) and 3D testing (CAV), which is an essential tool for product development and quality inspection.

With manufactured and engineered components now having increasingly 3D Scanningmore complex geometry, scanning components is the fastest and most accurate way to inspect or convert to CAD/CAM files for replicating/modifying/inspecting or reverse engineering of an original component. This process can now be applied through Shining 3D Scanners range. This is a cost effective solution for Engineers, manufacturers, researchers, artists, designers and toolmakers to have components scanned or verified at any stage of product development, therefore reducing development and manufacturing lead times which in turn will save you money.


Technical Features

  • The non-contact, white light, scanning method has high stability and can also scan and measure soft surfaces. This has wider applications than the traditional CMM method which is unable to scan soft objects.

    3D Scanners Tripod Accessory

  • The Dental scanner takes less than 60 seconds to scan a full cast of a jaw.

    3D Scanners Dental scan process

  • The Shining-3D Scanners are calibrated to the German VDI/VDE2634 accuracy standard for optical scanners.

    High precision 3D Scanners

  • The 3D Dental Scanners produce a high density point cloud that can show a high level of detail down to 15 microns.

    High density point cloud 3D data

  • The Shining3D-Scanners can automatically register the partial models captured from a series of scans, and place them together into a best-fit model in real-time during the scanning process.


  • The Shining 3D Scanners can work in the most common illuminated environments, even outdoors.

    used indoor or outdoor 3d scanner

  • Fully portable allowing scanning of any sized object whether that be inside or onsite.

    Portable 3D Scanner

  • The Shining 3D Dental Scanners are extremely user friendly with scanning at a touch of a button .


  • The 3D data can be exported into ASC, STL which can be directly used in the Shining XOR & XOV software for reverse engineering and inspection.

    3D scanner software

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