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EaScan 3D Scanner are the latest generation 3D Scanner designed especially for carving industry on the basis of virtual production and processing of carving manufacturers. EaScan 3D Scanner share the features of Shining 3D scanners, like non-contact, auto alignment, high efficiency, high precision, long lifetime and high stability.

The Eascan is highly recommended for use in schools & universities as a teaching aid in technical studies in engineering and design. Can also be used by museums and art galleries for digitizing sculptures and artifacts for sharing in a 3D CAD library.


Model Eascan-N Eascan-H Eascan-T
Application Field For art galleries, schools & museums which require less accuracy in 3D digitizing.


3D Scanner Eascan N

3D Scanner Eascan T

Single Scan Range (mm) 200x150 40*30 100*80/200*150
Point Space (mm) 0.16 0.03 0.16
Scanning Type Non-Contact (photographing)
Digitization 1280×1024/1.31 Mega Pixels
Accuracy Reference Standard VDI/VDE2634 (Germany)
Acquisition Time <5S
Align Type Auto Align
Data Format ASC, AC, STL
Way of registration Auto-Registration and Manual Registration
3D Scanner Eascan 3D Scanner Eascan 3D Scanner Eascan

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