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Einscan II

EinScan II, developed by SHINING 3D, is the first desktop and handheld dual-use 3D scanner in the world. With its smart and portable appearance, it can meet the requirements of high accuracy at 0.02mm when scanning fixed and real-time 3D data capturing accuracy can reach 0.3mm. It is flexible and easy to use, and can be adopted in wide range of applications.

Desktop Tripod-fixed Scanning:

High accuracy, the highest accuracy can reach 0.02mm. With wide scanning range, it can finish the 3D data capturing for the objects within the range of 1.5m. (If larger than 1.5m, we would recommend that it work with SHINING 3D Metric system, which can cover the measurement range from 0.1m*0.1m*0.1m to 50m*50m*50m.

Handheld real-time scanning:

-  Portable, fast
-  Fully automated scanning alignment without reference points, easy operation.
- Additional tripod available

Model Einscan II


Application Suitable for plastic products, product components, cultural and creative products, animation dolls, toys, portraits and other 3D scanning.
Scanning range

Handheld real-time scanning: <1300mm*1300mm

Tripod-fixed scanning: <1500mm*1500mm


Handheld real-time scanning: 0.3mm

Tripod-fixed scanning: highest at 0.02mm

Scanning the object size

Handheld real-time scanning: <1300mm*1300mm

Tripod-fixed scanning: <1500mm*1500mm

Average sample dot pitch 0.16mm
Single scanning time

Handheld real-time scanning: real time

Tripod-fixed scanning: 2S

Camera Resolution 1.31 mega pixel
Scanning Method Green light, non-contact measurement
Splicing Method Fully automatically alignment by reference points or manually alignment
Data output format ASC, AC, STL
Size 200 mm*150 mm*50mm
Weight 2kgs
PC Operating System Win7, 64 bit
PRICE (INC GST) $16,495 + Delivery

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