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OpticScan D


The OpticScan-D has been extensively applied in many areas, such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, manufacturing, consumer goods, cultural relic protections, construction and so on. It can shorten the process of product design and cut development costs. Then it will provide perfect support for reverse engineering, modeling and design. It is also suitable for other fields such as 3D data archive, rapid prototyping, complex shape acquisition, damage assessment, digital model, prototyping, multimedia content, packaging design etc.


Model OpticScan-DL OpticScan-DM OpticScan-DS
Application Field 3D Scanning or 3D measurement of large auto parts, large moulds, castings, cars, aircraft components, interiors, large-scale cultural relics, sculptures (which can be used in conjunction with 3D-Photogrammetry), etc. 3D Scanning or 3D modeling for small and medium sized moulded parts, plastic products, home appliances, moulds of shoes including soles, small and medium size sculptures, cultural relics, etc. 3D Scanning or 3D inspection for Jewelery design, fine design, toys, small sized parts, 3C products, electronic connectors and much more.


Single Scan Range 400mm×300mm (adjustable) 200mm×150mm (adjustable) 100mm x 75mm (adjustable)
Operating Distance 900mm 550mm 300mm
Feature Accuracy(mm)
(By single scan)
0.04mm-0.02mm 0.015mm-0.01mm 0.01mm-0.007mm
Resolution 0.3mm-0.2mm 0.15mm-0.08mm 0.06mm-0.047mm
Scannable Object Size >500mm~1500mm (Cooperating with 3D-Photogrammetry) 100mm~500mm <100mm
Scanning Type Blue light and non-contact.
Digitization 1280×1024/1.30 Mega Pixels
Accuracy Reference Standard VDI/VDE2634 (Germany)
Acquisition Time <3S
Align Type Auto Align
Ratio of image resolution 1,310,000 Pixels (which can be upgraded to 200 million, 300 million or even 500 million pixels according to customers` needs.)
Data Format ASC, STL
Way of registration Automatic and best-fit registration

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