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This is the third generation of SHINING 3D high resolution blue light scanners, OptimScan has been designed based on the upgrade of the classic two-lens SHINING 3D Opticscan system, including the additional key features of non-contact scanning, high accuracy and long lifetime. OptimScan has been improved in appearance, efficiency and function.

Technical Features

User-friendly design

  1. Integrated Aluminum alloy frame and carbon fibre like material, which ensures the product has high durability;
  2. A portable and comfortable handle makes for easy transportation


Higher Performance

  1. The machine has adopted high grade components from Germany, which will allow the machine to obtain more data detail and achieve higher precision, efficiency and scanning quality;
    3D Scanner OptimScan 
  2. SHININGFORM XOR or XOV, which has functions for reverse engineering and 3D inspection. By controlling the 3D scanning directly with ShiningForm, users can easily achieve an integrated process from data scanning to reverse engineering or 3D inspection, which greatly improves work efficiency and lowering costs;




Model M
Application Field Small moulds, plastic products, shoe and soles mould, sculptures, artifacts, toys, etc.

3d-image-7b-opt 3d-image-8b-opt 3d-image-19-opt

Single Scan Range 200mm×150mm (adjustable)
Operating Distance 550mm
Feature Accuracy 0.015mm-0.01mm
Resolution 0.15mm-0.08mm
Scannable Object Size 100mm~500mm
Scanning Type Non-Contact Blue light (Without Laser)
Digitization 1600*1200/2.0 Mega Pixels
Accuracy Reference Standard VDI/VDE2634 (Germany)
Acquisition Time <3S
Align Type Auto Align
Output Data Format ASC, STL
Ratio of image resolution 1,310,000 Pixels (which can be upgraded to 200 million, 300 million or even 500 million pixels according to customers` requirements.)

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