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Shining 3D-Metric system (Photogrammetry System, Digital Photogrammetry) is used for accurate and fast 3D measurements of large/bulky sized object. Consisting of a DSLR CAMERA, coded and un-coded targets, scale bar and measurement software. This system will calculate the coordinates of the object precisely and quickly produce data that can be used for 3D inspection and CAD comparison & deformation analysis. The precise accuracy of the Shining 3D-Metric system for large area 3D measuring and inspection, cover the automotive field, aerospace, shipbuilding industry, architecture, large-scale relic, machinery etc.

Work Flow of 3D Measurement

  1. Taking photos with DSLR Camera: Simply place the scale bars, coded and un-coded targets at the right positions around, and on the object, then take multiple photos from different angles to capture all the targets.
  2. Calculate the 3D coordinates of an object: The 3D Metric software can precisely calculate the 3D coordinates of an object and all targets. The 3D model from Shining3D-Scanner can be integrated into the 3D coordinates frame to control the general accuracy.
  3. 3D Scanning: Scan the object from different angels to get multiple high density point cloud data, into 3D coordinaties.
  4. Data application: Import the final data into CAD or Inspection software for further manipulation.



Model 3D Metric
Images 3d-image-22-opt 3d-image-23-opt3d image 24
Accuracy ≤0.10mm/4m
Measuring Area 0.1×0.1×0.1~50×50×50m3
Calibration Self-calibration
Reference standard VDI 2634/1
Data transfer Wireless transmission or flash card
Camera specification SLR, 24mm lens,≥12,000,000 pixels
Ambient temperature -20 to 100°C

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