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Accessories for the Shining3-D Scanner Series are affordable and convenient for everyday use with the scanners. Whether you are requiring scans of large or small objects these accessories are an invaluable additional tool to the Shining3-D scanners. Accessories include:


3D Scanners Accessories 3D Scanners Accessories

The Fixture accessory is simple to use. Through it's sturdy and secure holding this accessory will support small objects firmly. This will enable the work piece to be easily and precisely scanned by Shining 3D-Scanner series products.

The fixed-points on the existing fixtures enable the same coordinate systems to be applied (there is no need to place extra reference points on the work piece). This will improve the scanning efficiency and ensure your results are more precise.

Portable Auto Turntable

3d-image-27-opt-v2 3d-image-28-opt-v2

The Portable Auto Turntable coordinates with the 3D scanner to scan small and light objects. This will allow the object to be scanned automatically and without the need to manually rotate the object, effectively making scanning easier and more efficient.

  • Free rotating or fixed angle rotating, depending on scanning conditions;
  • Small size, portable to any scan situation.

Calibration Boards

Calibration Boards

Used to recalibrate the scanners or to recalibrate when switching from scanning between different sized objects.

Reference Points

3D Scanners Reference Points

Sold in packs of 10,000 points and used for referencing the surface of an object.

Metal Briefcase


A robust metal brief case for storage and transportation of the scanners, calibration boards etc.


Professional Tripod or Vertical Measuring Bench

Professional Tripod or Vertical Measuring Bench

Vertical Measuring Bench and Professional Tripod (both pictured above)

The Professional Tripod and/or the Vertical Measuring Stand are both suitable for large work pieces or those that are difficult to move. This will enable you to determine the scanned area, enlarge scan ranges and enhance the quality of the data.

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3D Scanner Accessories

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