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Industries Aerospace Inspection

Inspection, scribing and manufacturing of airplane casting

Project description:

Aircraft structures are aluminum alloy investment castings - processing department has to process the surface of those investment castings. Currently, two problems still remain:

  1. Have to make sure the adequacy of blank metal allowances.
  2. Need to determine an artificial crossing on the blank, determine the operation surface. Any deviation by mistake will lead to failure and scrap of the entire processed part, result in great loss.

For example, take an aircraft of about 4 metres in length, it is aluminum alloy investment casting, by now, the above two steps are all inspected by using coordinate measuring machining, which will take five persons at least three days to accomplish the inspection. Entire part scraping occasionally occurs because of measurement error.

Technical requirement:

  1. Take full-scale inspection of the products, analyze metal allowance, determine the operation surface, replace manual crossing when inspection.
  2. Enhance inspection efficiency while saving time.
  3. Inspection error controlled within 0.2mm, decrease probability of failure from lineation.



Shining3D-Scanner+Shining3D-Photogrammetry +SHININGFORM

  1. Use 3D Scanner to scan casting blank, get complete 3D model data.
  2. Input 3D data and CAD digifax to SHININGFORM XOV for contract test, analyze metal allowance and determine the operation surface.


  1. Inspection efficiency greatly improved: using Shining3D products this will take only one day by two person, which would have been at least 3 days working with 5 persons using other machines.
  2. Full-scale inspection with perfect visualization, inspection report generated automatically.
  3. Precision controlled within 0.2mm..

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