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Industries Automotive Frame Scanning

Automotive Frame Scanning of an Automotive Manufacturer

Project description

During the measurement for a vehicles framework, the scanning can easily cope with a combination of the Shining3D-Photogrammetry and Shining3D-Scanner.

Techinical requirement

The overall precision should be controlled in 0.1mm when obtaining model of auto vehicle inner frame 3D.


Equipments::Shining3D-Photogrammetry+Shining3D-Scanner+ ShiningForm XOR


Operation flow (Workflow)

  1. Arrangement of scanning field

    Place the tested vehicles in workshop or outdoor easy operation places.
    Vehicle processing: imaging agents spraying, reversible pasting and benchmarking placing. 3D Scanner Automotive

  2. Photography with Shining3D-Photogrammetry

    Extract frame points by shooting from different angles of the vehicle with the digital camera that supplied by Shining3D-Photogrammetry.
  3. Internal framework points calculated by Photogrammetry software

    3D Scanner Automotive

    Import the pictures into Shining3D-Metric software and calculate to achieve the vehicle frame points according to the triangle measuring principle.

    (Car internal framework points calculated by Photogrammetry software of Shining3D-Metric) auto-scan-4
  4. Whole vehicle frame scan with the usage of Shining3D-Scanner

    Shining3D-Metric system will achieve more accurate overall coordinate data, which then will be imported into.Shining3D-Scanner for 3D scanning. Eliminating the cumulative registration error and optimize the whole data in the overall coordinate system. (The pictures are for parts scanning)


  1. Scanning time: Time of 3D measurement for vehicle frame is approximately 1 day. Measurement efficiency is greatly increased compared with traditional three coordinates measurement method.
  2. The measurement accuracy: The overall accuracy controlled in 0.1mm with the error comparison of high precise tri-ordinate measuring machine.

Subsequent application

Automotive 3D design

Automotive reverse engineering

Rapid prototyping of car model

Quality control of automotive manufacturing

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