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Interior 3D Measurement

Sealing Strip Design of Vehicle Step

EXAMPLE - Project description
A Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise of producing sealing gaskets, o-rings, mould stampings, plastic products and special requirement products, 80% of its products are exported.

Design requirements require the company to design a specialized sealing strip for each car step taking into account the following:

Difficulties the project meets:

1. Obviously different types of cars have different car steps. The traditional measuring method is hard to realize precise 3D measurement because of irregular pedal shape around corners areas.
2. Large 3D equipment scanners are hard to measure the internal aspects of the vehicles which own a relatively narrow interior space.


Technique requirement:
3D data obtain of auto pedal gasket areas.


Recommended equipment

Operation flow (Workflow)

1Arrangement of scanning field

Paste index points on the areas of cab pedal after cleaning.

2. Scan the gasket with the usage of Shining3D-Scanner

We stretch the scanner into automobile driving cab through column lever. Then scan the gasket by the way of automatic registration. The scanning time is merely 1 hour.



Showing of 3D model

1. This is a machine that is portable therefore the measuring approach to solving the difficult problem are beyond the ability of traditional measuring equipment.
2. Scanning time: the time of gasket from measuring to model output is about 2 hours at which time the subsequent design can be started.

Subsequent application
3D design of auto gasket

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