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Parts 3D Measurement

3D Inspection and Reverse Design of Auto Fittings (Casting Parts)

Project description

With complicated curved surfaces, the traditional measuring methods (like calipers, three coordinates, etc.) take an extended period of time. This process is not able to adapt to the present technical requirements in the aspects of data accuracy, measuring and modeling time.

Technique requirement

The accuracy is controlled within 0.05mm.

Technique difficulty

Three coordinates dot cannot obtain the complete information of curved surface because of its complex casting shape, additionally the measuring time takes an extended period of time.

Solutions of Shining3D


Equipment: Shining3D-Scanner + software of Shiningform XOR reverse design

Operation flow

First, obtain high precise, high quality and high accurate data files with the help of Shining3D-Scanner, and then by processing them using software of Shiningform reverse design to get STL 3D model. This will allow you to Import 3D models into reverse modeling software for reverse engineering.



Obtain 3D model data of brake parts in details by using Shining3D-Scanner.

The following pictures are 3D data of automotive steering knuckle. We import them into CAD software after processing of Shiningform XOR reverse software. Then CAD data will be directly obtained, and it can be used for CNC machine processing, appearance and quality detection, etc.



1.It now only takes less than half an hour to complete 3D scanning, which previously was at least half a day just for measurement and the need to constantly correct the traditional method.

Subsequent application

Reverse modeling
Quality inspection

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