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Project description

Miniature engraving has a long history and we can find its trail in oracle bone inscription. At present, it may take a week to finish a simple task by artificial 3D design, while a complicated one needs 1 or 2 months. However, miniature engraving requires strict efficiency and a short-term training can never reach this demand. Therefore, the production can not increase and miniature engraving industry is hard to extend.

Technical Requirement

Adjust scanning scope freely, more rapidly, faster than traditional laser scanner.
Higher precision, more detailed, higher performance price ratio, more stable.
Especially suitable for the manufacturing of archaize furniture, large-sized furniture fittings, large-sized arts and crafts, model, prototype.

Recommended model: : OpticScan-D Range


Take Tangsancai for Example: Tangsancai is a kind of pottery which is famous in Tang dynasty, using yellow, white, green as fundamental color of glaze. Because of precious relics, special materials and other factors, we can not paste feature points on their surface when we scan, the only way we can take is to match them manually, which increases the difficulties of data processing. Scanning does not cause any damage to relics, non contact scanning!


Tangsancai: High Precision 3D Scanning Modeling


Sancai Horse, Shining3D-Scanner Scanning, 3D Model


Tangsancai Scanning Data Exhibition

For all your scanning needs, whether you have precious objects or require reproductions contact our technical team for more information on 07 3262 9283 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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