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Casting Industry

Casting Industry

Project description

General casting is in a requirement with design for easy founding, good quality, low cost and least processing operation products. But according to the actual design and production processes, precision and quality are really insurmountable difficulty which often brings tool loss

With the Shining3D-Scanner series, we can solve puzzles of scanning object precision and surface quality demanding to satisfy the requirements of all kinds of casting design. Shining3D-Scanners can also completely meet the demands of large castings.

Deficiencies of traditional solution

Casting parts typically inspected by traditional CMM of its external outline size with low efficiency, restricted by its own stoke, it's very difficult to detect parts over-travel.



Advantage of Shining3D solutions

Rapid inspection:   Accomplish work piece design with high accuracy.

Precision requirement:   Precision of each dimension be controlled within 0.1mm which meets the demand of lean parts design.

Efficiency improvement:   Improve the efficiency of CNC machining.

Subsequent application

3D data can be used to structure design, transformation design and quality inspection.

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