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Jewels Processing

Jewels Processing

Project Description

While most of the gem stylist still stays in the role of drawing. It may contribute to long design cycles and slow market response, which may become difficult to adapt the consumers' changeable requirements for jewelry outlook.

With the help of Shining3D-Scanner, we can process various complicated, irregular and non-standard entity 3D data of jewelry into the computer by using the Shining3D-Scanner directly. The 3D entity model will be rapidly reconstructed, with the designers' creative design, developing new products faster.

Deficiencies of traditional solution

Traditional hand engraving or design can not ensure every jewelry piece keep the same shape, which will ultimately jeopardize mass production.

Advantages of Shining3D solution

Perfect details: ensure the perfect embodiment and redesign of jewelry details.

Harmless: Non-contact scanning which will not harm jewelry samples.

Efficiency improvement: efficiency to designer improved greatly.

Equipment recommendation
Shining3D Scanner

Inspection steps

1. Coating imaging agent.

2. Jewelry scanning (The figure for the Buddha pendant placed on the turntable and posted figure-points on the turntable which can protect jewelry from the trouble of landmarks).





1. Ensures perfect details of the jewelry from master works which can now be handed down to share or copy perfectly, the precision controlled in 0.04mm.
2. Comparing with traditional duplication, Shining3D- Scanner adopts non-contact scanning, all procedure of duplication is harmless to jewelry samples.

Subsequent application

3D data can be used for structure design, transformation design and quality inspection.

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