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Mould Industry

Rapid 3D Inspection of Large Castings

Project description

In the process of large castings, both the deformations of sand molding and contraction molding will lead to errors. The dimensions due to castings deformation or contraction, will cause an entire casting to be scrapped which is costly. Advanced rapid inspection for castings critical dimensions can ensure the processing headroom to be qualified, and shorten the mold processing time. Besides the inspection for shape and size, another main function of large castings inspection is to reduce the feed allowance of a processing centre, while improving the processing efficiency of subsequent processing centre and avoiding tool loss by input every critical dimensions to processing centre.

For large factories, we can also determine a more accurate machining allowance by calculating the castings' coefficient of contraction according to casting measurements.

Deficiencies of traditional solution

Because of the size of large-sized casting, it's very difficult to transport and there is the issue of secondary orientation so that it is difficult to use CMM to measure for it's relatively low efficiency. Some manufacturers use gantry coordinate, theodolite, articulated arm measuring devices to measure, but it is very slow so that it can not shorten the cycle of mold manufacturing.

Advantages of Shining3D solutions

Rapid inspection: capture parameter rapidly.

Precision requirement: Precision of each dimension must be controlled within 0.1mm.

Efficiency improvement: Shorten the cycle of mold manufacturing and create value for corporation.

Equipment recommendationShining3D- Scanner + Shining3D-Metric

Inspection process
1. Affix feature-points:


Placed casting in workshop or a large outdoor space where it is easy to operate, clean, coat imaging agent, affix feature-points, place ruler. Affix feature-points on site.

2. With advanced SLR provided by Shining3D - Metric, we can get pictures of the large-sized casting from different angles which is used for frame point extraction.

3. Shining3d - Metric measurement software calculate frame point


Input pictures into the Shining3D-Metric measurement software, according to the triangulation principle, we can calculate the frame point of large-sized casting.
The right shows the Shining3D-Metric software is calculating the cloud point

4. Use 3D scanner to scan the framework - After Shining3d-Metrtic software obtain the coordinates of the casting, use Shining3D- Scanner for data scanning and registration under the global coordinate system, thus effectively eliminate the accumulated error and improve the accuracy . pictures after partial scan


Generated 3D data

5.Use detection software, generate quality reports rapidly, access to quality data of the large-sized castings appearance.


Generate the final quality inspection report


1. Data measurement of large-sized castings' outlook rapidly.
2. Quality inspection of large-sized casting rapidly.
3. Captured 3D data can be easily used for second design.

Subsequent application

Captured data can be used in structure design, transformation design and quality inspection.

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