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Wind Energy

3D Measurement of Wind-Power Blades (Wind Turbine Blade)

Project description

Challenges that exist in current production include:

The design of the blades, it's materials and process are the main factors that determine the performance of wind-power equipment and its unit cost. Spanning the development tendency of globe blade technique, take both efficiency and cost reduction in consideration, blades production scale tend to be positive larger.

Generally speaking, the length of blades can reach several metres, or even dozens of metres. There is almost no suitable tri-ordinate measuring equipment to 3D measure for that a large size. You can only get the key point slowly and low accuracy even by using a laser overall metre.


We can measure large blade quickly and accurately with the combination of Shining3D-Scanner and Shining3D-Metric. Then the surface evaluation will be accomplished and CAD model comparison analysis will be realized by pick points densely.

Deficiencies of traditional solutions:

There is almost no suitable tri-ordinate measuring equipment for 3D measurement because of the length of blades.

Advantages of Shining3D solution:

Efficiency improvement: the measuring time of a single blade is less than 2 hours.
Precision requirement: the accuracy of each size is controlled in 0.1mm.

Equipment: Shining3D- Scanner+Shining3D-Metric

Measurement procedures

1. Arrangement of scanning field: Place the blade to be tested in an easy accessible place Blade processing: Developer spraying, reversible pasting and benchmarking placing.

2. Images taking with the usage of Shining3D-Metric
Extracting frame points by shooting from different angles of blades by the digital camera that provided by Shining3D-Metric system.

3. Frame points calculating of 3D-Metric software
Import the pictures to Shining3D-Metric software and calculate to obtain the blade' framework points according to the triangle measuring principle.

4. Blade scanning by Shining3D-Scanner
The blade framework coordinates in the software of Shining3D-Metrtic system, the Shining3D-Scanner will scan to 3D. Then we can process 3D data registration in the global coordinate system so as to eliminate cumulative registration error effectively and increase the accuracy of measurement data.

5.Start quality inspection with the usage of quality inspection. Errors can be inspected rapidly. Then it will be corrected. Thus improve the produce efficiency.


1. Scanning time: 3D measurement time of a single blade is controlled within 2 hours, and the measuring efficiency is increased greatly compared with traditional tri-ordinate measuring method.

2. Accuracy: first we drill for positioning and then use the high accuracy of tri-ordinate measuring machine for error comparison. The error range is controlled in 0.1mm. That's definitely meet customers' accuracy requirements.

Subsequent application

3D design and reverse engineering of blades

Rapid prototyping of leaf model

Quality control of blade manufacturing

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