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Wood Carving & Furniture

Case of Woodcarving industry

Project description

Sculptures specifically woodcarving can be 3D digitized fast with the combination of Shining3D-Scanner series products and CNC engraving machine, which will take a fraction of the time that a master sculptor would require to duplicate a piece. This can then be processed directly through CNC engraving machine, which only takes a few hours. This is especially suitable for archaize furniture, European style furniture fittings, large-scale woodcarving handicraft copies and batch production.

Deficiencies of traditional woodcarving manufacture:


1. Low efficiency
2. High Manual cost
3. Batch production Unavailable

4. High requirement for woodcarving masters

Solutions of Shining3D

Operation flow:
1. Standard sample by master
2. Sample scanning by Scanning Shining3D-Scanner
3. 3D data generating for woodcarving sample
4. Import 3D data to woodcarving machine by software and the wood carving can be produced directly.


Processing of scanning and producing for woodcarving sample

Advantages of Shining 3D solutions:
Improve efficiency – it will now only take ten minutes to half a day to finish an artwork depending on lines complexity, which originally needed a day or even a couple of weeks.

High precision - the accuracy is ensured within 0.05mm.

Industrialization promoting - Woodcarving masters' works can be performed in high-fidelity 3D digitizing as the basic information of batch CNC processing production, which will indeed promote the industrialization ability of art woodcarving.

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