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ShiningForm XOR

Software ShiningForm XOR

ShiningForm XOR, the only 3G (third generation) reverse engineering software, with complete software application for creating parametric CAD models from 3D scan data and polygon data. XOR adopts standard 3D/2D workflow and UI interface. As this process is more familiar for engineers and a like, this will mean your staff will require less training but still deliver the best high quality results expected of these machines. These models can easily be transferred from XOR into popular CAD applications, including Solidworks, Simens NX and Pro/ENGINEER, complete with feature trees intact. If you have experience with Solid Works, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER or Unigraphics, you will easily be able to operate XOR.


  • Rapid model building
  • More complete model
  • Solid model achievement
  • Parameter achievement
  • Standard solid model workflow
  • Connecting process


  • An intelligent tool that automatically extracts design feature parameters from 3D scan data - Redesign Assistant
  • Freely combine surface and parameter solids
  • Align 3D scan data to an ideal design coordinate system
  • Built in, real time deviation analysis tool —Accuracy Analyzer
  • Build point-surface model with one-click
  • Professional and easy-to-use tool for point removing and editing
  • One-click reconnection of CAE functionality model
  • Solid and surface model workflow, including the ability to extrude, revolve, loft, sweep and curvature Model record and parameter control
  • Coordinate with other CAD application programs seamlessly

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