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ShiningForm XOV

Software ShiningForm XOV

ShiningForm XOV allows for CAD error analysis, calculation of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) for inspection and CAV. In order to enhance ease and speed this series is built around specific customer inspection processes which will include detailed planning. This tool is aimed to meet the most complex requirements of quality control, easily automate every inspection, processing without custom code writing or use of micros.


  • 3D Scan data-based industry inspection
  • Powerful, automatic, easy-to-use

Only Four Steps to Finish 3D Inspection

  • Input data from 3D scanner and CAD, or measure directly by Shiningform XOV;
  • Align scanned data and CAD model;
  • Create deviation color map, measure GT&T;
  • Generate report automatically

Coordinate location

  • Industry-proven accuracy in use, real scan-to-CAD location
  • Completely automatic, parametric, repeatable
  • Industry-proven accurate datum-based, RPS, 3-2-1, target reference N-Point, section profile and best-fit alignments.

3D Scanners ShiningForm XOV

Live Inspect™ & Live Scan™

  • Completely automatic and real-time inspection and report.
  • Real interface through easy inspection and scan

Report design

  • Including dynamic report with the same page alignment of Microsoft Office™.
  • Inspected units (image, graphic, chart, annovation) in the report - parametric and related.
  • Support files such as PDF, HTML, EXCEL, PowerPoint.
  • With 3D model inside Microsoft files and HTML.

3D Scanners ShiningForm XOV Blades

Trend analysis

  • Create trend analysis reports for multiple parts in statistical process control.
  • Systematically inspect multiple pieces to track trends

3D Scanners ShiningForm XOV 2

Inspection of level difference & clearance

  • Customized level difference and clearance.
  • Show measuring result of level difference and clearance
  • Inspect the defective data in difference in height and clearance through stretching side automatically.

3D Scanners ShiningForm XOV 3

Vane inspection

  • Particular inspection of vane.
  • Automatic measurement of industrial standard vanes.

3D Scanners ShiningForm XOV Vanes

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